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Application for Basic Physician Training


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New trainees please ensure you have read the eligibility information before you start your application
All trainees must renew their registration with the RACP annually. 

  • Online Registration for Basic Physician Training is now open for mid-year applications and applications are due by 31 August 2017 (AUS) or 31 July 2017 (NZ)
  • Late applications will incur a late fee and will not be accepted after 30 September 2017 (AUS) or 31 August 2017 (NZ)
  • Any rotations prior to 1 June 2017 will not be approved
  • Once you have received an email confirmation that your application has been submitted, you can be assured that we are working hard to get your application processed as soon as possible. Please be aware that we will be processing applications through to September 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact the Basic Training team at (AUS) or (NZ) 

Basic Training Application For Physician Training for year 2017

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